Why do courts set bail bonds?

Rock Hill bail bonds

Rock Hill bail

Reason Why Courts Set Bail

The purpose of bail following arrest is not to punish you, but to assure that you will appear in court for a hearing or trial. That being said, while the procedures for requesting a bail reduction vary by state, it's up to you as the defendant to prove why you need the bail the court set reduced. To do that, you need to know what's involved in convincing a judge to lower the bail amount the court initially set.
How Bail Reduction WorksRock Hill bail bonds

The first step in the bail-reduction process is to make a motion. A motion for lowered bail generally includes:

  • Current bail amount
  • Nature of the charges
  • Reason why you can't make bond

After you file the motion for a bond reduction, the court's secretary will set a hearing date. Depending on the governing laws of the jurisdiction in which you've been incarcerated, you can make the request for lowered bail at a special bail hearing or at your arraignment when you appear in court to hear the charges against you and enter a plea.

Rock Hill bail bonds
Rock Hill bail bonds

In either case, consider what evidence and witnesses you want to present at the hearing. For example, you may want your attorney or public defender to introduce bank statements and copies of tax documents as evidence to show that you don't have the funds to post the current bail.

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