They are so tolerant in Cali?!?!

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Recently in California the political leaders have put forth measures to eliminate cash bail like the system we have and use here at Rock Hill bail bonds. How in the world does a tolerant, equality for all, anti-establishment {so they say}, stick it to the man type of state like California go from advocating for the rights of heroin users and criminal illegals to taking away your option of bail bonds to secure freedom while you await your court date.

Rock Hill bail bonds | bondsman
Rock Hill bail bonds

In America we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, so then, why can’t a person be free until they are proven guilty. Well apparently that is not good enough for the citizens of California. If Governor Moon beam has his way the cash bail system will soon go the way of other dying freedoms in our great nation. Like so many other things the bureaucracy attempts to implement, it will screw up just about anything.

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