Christmas Parties Get Crazy!

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Bad Santa celebrating Christmas at home alone, he is smoking a cigar and drinking beer
union county bail bonds

...and then we needed a bail bondsman!

Union County Bail Bonds

A Loved One Arrested On Christmas

Arrested on Christmas?

What To Do When Your Loved One Is Arrested On Christmas

Christmas is almost here and everyone is excited for the holiday season. The holidays are supposed to be a time to take a break from work or school to enjoy some rest and quality time with family and friends.

Unfortunately, the holiday season is no exception when it comes to the law. When mistakes happen and a law ends up broken, your loved one may end up behind bars during one of the most beloved days of the year and end up missing out on spending Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with the family. Being in jail is unfortunate enough without your loved one having to miss out on valuable time with their beloved friends and family. This can be especially bad if this loved one has children waiting for them at home.

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