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Gettin' the hassle over your CBD OIL?!?!

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Just remember that in South Carolina only the 0% THC Hemp & CBD products are legal. The NC limits of 0.3% leads to some confusion. You should always keep an analytics sheet with your product just in case you need to show proof. Especially with our CBD NUG products {as seen in image}

union county bail bonds

IF you you are in search of a discreet way to order your product we have your solution.  You can avoid the stores that all seem to eventually turn in to some type of headshop. We understand that....what self respecting  member of the community wants all that shade?


If you should find yourself gettin the hazzle from the man, don't worry, my hombre over at Union County Bail Bonds can get you lifted faster than that icky...icky....ickky....stank! So go ahead and program this # into your phone now. You never know when yo dumb az might need it!


Union County Bail Bonds [864] 441-1007

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