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FACT: No taxes are paid on $ spent in JAIL

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It's true, when a person commits a crime and remains in jail awaiting trial they may spend thousands of dollars on every day items like drugs, twinkies, or just plain old fashioned protection. A person out on bail, however, dispenses seeds of income throughout the community. From the east side to the west side, to the North side & the best side. Undoubtedly one or two of those dollars will be spent at an actual legitimate establishment thus contributing to the tax revenue of the community.union county bail bonds | bondsman


But seriously, a person out on bond may not spend a great deal of money while out of jail, they definitely aren't in jail where the cost of housing an inmate is more expensive than taking your family to the hilton. If there is a cheaper way then by all means do that, but currently the cost of jail on the taxpayer is huge. Bail bonds industries help with this burden by allowing defendants their freedom prior to trial. Call our BAIL HOTLINE 803 985-1007 for our experienced team of bail bondsman. Union County bail bonds.union county bail bonds | bondsman

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